Choosing to Be a Good Friend

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In the spirit of creating "nothing about us without us," director Denise Schamens puts eight neurodivergent students at the center of this autism acceptance film, six of whom tell their own stories of living with autism. Three other friends and siblings offer their perspectives. All 12- to 16-year-old participants use their own language, which makes these personal accounts authentic platforms on which to build rich discussions about neurodiversity, bullying, and social emotional expression with other middle school students.

2020 awards include:

  • Award of Excellence: Disability Issues from The IndieFEST (CA)
  • Best Socially Responsible at New Media Film Festival (CA)
  • Best Documentary Short and People's Choice at Cinema Touching Disabilities Film Festival (TX)
  • official selection at Vox Popular Media Arts Festival (Ontario) and Awareness Film Festival (CA)